Transforming manufacturing,

Our mission is to create 3D printing based sustainable and resilient supply chains that are the future of global manufacturing.

Makers with 3D printers around the world are central to our mission. 

Why? We believe that under-utilized 3D printers is a powerful force that can be used to distribute manufacturing back to local communities to:

  • Reduce material and product waste with on-demand manufacturing

  • Reduce global footprint with local versus global shipping

  • Enable makers to make a dent in manufacturing economy

  • Build new robust local supply chains

This is how we started


Ap started 3D printing face shields


Ap joined Antler early stage VC to find co-founders


Odeta & Øyvind join Ap and Vulkaza 2.0 was conceptualized


Antler's investment and real work begins


The concept of Vulkaza was born during the first corona crisis. As Norway was running out of essential protection equipment and borders were closed, Ap, Vulkaza CEO, has tapped into the 3D-printing community to make reusable face shields.

The idea was ingenious. Connect Norway's community of makers with 3D printers to print the head holders for shields made from commercially available office supplies.

We delivered over 30 000 reusable face shields to the largest hospitals, the police, and almost every nursing home in Norway.

We even got emergency approval from the Norwegian Army to use these face shields in international operations. Even though regular protection equipment is available today, these face shields are still in operation due to their excellent quality. 

Vulkaza co-founders met at Antler.jpg

Ap has joined Antler, an early-stage VC acceleration program, to find co-founders and take his vision of distributed manufacturing powered by thousands of makers to the next level. 

Here Ap met Odeta and Øyvind who are instrumental in building a 3D print-on-demand service powered by an automated software solution that connects e-commerces and makers globally.

We're united through our mission and values

Dare to invent

We're ambitious and courageous to experiment and explore yet humble to learn from our mistakes.

Because that's the only way to revolutionize!

Make it happen

We take responsibility, solve problems and simply make things happen regardless of our role in the team.

Because that is how you make a difference!

Move together

We embrace each other's differences, we collaborate, challenge, celebrate and learn together.

Because none of us is as smart as all of us!

Juice it up

We rebel against the status quo, we love style and have fun while moving fast.

Because life is too short not to enjoy it to the max!

Want to join the revolution?