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Vulkaza is a platform for 3D creators by 3D creators to turn their digital designs into physical products.

Powered by a global community of 3D printing makers
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Imagination is the limit 

How it works

Sell your digital designs as physical products to your audience and we will 3D print them on-demand in the market of your fans by independent makers

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Feel free to express your creativity in digital design and watch it take physical form with desktop 3D printing from plant-based materials

Why work with us?

Be your own boss

Whether you are a maker, digital designer, or an artist, we help you grow your income on your own terms.

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No hassle

We take care of all the hard tasks of handling production. You focus on what you love doing and we take care of the rest.

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High-quality products

We test the models and make sure your customers receive the right quality. During years of 3D printing we've made everything from art sculptures to spare parts and functional products.

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Trusted by the greatest

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Localized 3D-printing on-demand

The world's most sustainable form of production

No product is ever produced before a customer buys it.

Makers 3D-print items right by customers' doorsteps.

Plant-based materials are planet, ozone, and human-friendly.


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