Production & fulfilment

3D print-on-demand means you only have to focus on marketing and sales. We do the rest.

Once an order is placed, we 3D print it and send it to your customer. Simple as that.

We work with 300+ 3D printing facilities around the world. So the products are made the closest to your customer.

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Design & quality

Anybody can have a t-shirt or notepad brand these days. We offer unique products that go beyond textile and paper. 

Your imagination is the limit. Our designers will help you create truly unique products so you can stand out.

Have design ideas yourself? Let us know! We will adapt them for 3D printing & you can start selling in no time!

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Sustainability at the core

With 300+ 3D printing facilities, 3D printing products in the closest proximity to your customers on-demand is the most sustainable means of production.

  • No material waste

  • No inventory waste

  • No international shipping

  • Only plant-based materials use

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Just an awesome deal

Get a FREE demo item to prepare marketing material.

And if that's not enough, the rest of the deal is just awesome: 

  • No upfront cost - you pay after an item has been sold.

  • No inventory - items are only made after they are sold.

  • No minimum or maximum orders - sell 1 or 1M items with no restrictions.

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Sell awesome products with zero upfront investment

On-demand production next to your customers.

Get a FREE demo item.

Finally, our beta dashboard is live! 

Regardless of your business, we can fulfill your needs

3D designers

Already selling 3D designs for 3D printing? Why not expand your revenue by offering printed items too?

Merch companies

3D printing transcends paper and textile products. Stand out from the competition and add cool unique products!

DTC companies

Let's create truly unique customizable products that will skyrocket your sales. No upfront investment and no warehousing are required.

Artists & NFT artists

3D printing statues and representation of art is the next big thing. Let us do it for you!

Talent agencies

Your brands deserve unique and sustainable products beyond notepads and hoodies. Add merch that will help them stand out!


While we're automating our tech to meet your business needs, local production and shipping can solve some of your business challenges now.

Internet creators

Branded t-shirts are so boring, stand out from the crowd with unique merch! We will design, produce and deliver your merch to your customers.

Corporate merchandise

Experiencing disruptions due to issues with supply chains? We 3D print products in the market of your customers with no minimum orders.